Mixing Different Design Styles to Create Amazing Results

You don’t really need to be an expert in home decorations to be able to design your home with mixing different design styles. Anyone with creativity and some guidelines can create really a modern look with amazing results. The secret lies in knowing what modern design styles are going great together. Here’s some important tips that you can use to learn how to mix different design styles to be able to create amazing results in your home.

Keep the balance
The first secret to mixing different design styles, especially when you are mixing modern design with the more traditional designs, is to keep the balance. With balance, we mean that you should make sure that you have a 50/50 between the modern designs and the traditional design. You can’t keep the room traditional with just one or two modern design pieces. Then, it will not look as amazing as what you hoped for.
By planning and making sure that you have the same amount of design styles in one room, is the key when it comes to mixing different designs to create amazing results.

The simpler the better
Don’t try to get too complex when you’re thinking of mixing more than one design style together in one room. You can still think out of the box, but keep it simple. If you have the experience as an interior designer, you can think about more complex things to do with your new style, but if you’re not an expert, you should begin with the simpler stuff, like decorative pieces from different design styles.
Sometimes the simple things are the things that’s going to look the best. It is going to be catchier and will be the center piece in the room. The more experience you gain, the more complex you can be with incorporating different design styles.

Color in a room
Another important secret that interior designers are using to mix up different design styles, is by adding bold color. If you have a lot of old, traditional furniture that’s not looking great anymore, you can use bold color by giving the furniture a new layer of bold paint.
Because bold color is now modern and people using bold color in modern designs, you can mix up your old style with just adding new, bolder colors. This makes a huge difference, and no one will realize that you used your old furniture and just gave it a new paint job.

If you want to add just one piece into a room that will give the effect of different designs, then you can just add a mirror or two. With mirrors, you can have different effects and a different feel to the room without spending hundreds of dollars. Adding mirrors to a room is also making a small room look bigger.

If you have a modern design, and is looking for some older furniture to mix up design styles, you can just look for an antique mirror that’s still in great shape. You can also just use a normal mirror with a great frame, paint it brown, or making the frame look older with using paint, will give you the same effect of mixing up two different design styles.

If you’re looking for a way of adding a modern feel to the room, you can take an old mirror, paint it bold or even gold, and you have a mixture of modern design and old, traditional designs.

There’s many different ways that one can mix up different design styles to be able to create amazing results, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. These tips will make it easier to mix up different styles to make any room look amazing.