DIY Designs: Decorating on a Budget for Beginners

No matter if you are a Student and low on cash, or you would like to add a personal touch, DIY decorating is hip and happening in the design world. Pinterest, youtube, facebook. The internet is full of it and the ideas are overflowing.

But let’s get real…

Most of it is pretty difficult and somehow what you make never looks the same.

Do not despair!! Whether it is a rainy Sunday afternoon or a beautiful summer day and you are with your kids. Put on some music, relax and stay with us, because there are some easy, fun and beautiful ideas for you to master.

Lace Containers:

Whether it is an outdoor candle or a boring white bowl, spice up your containers with lace. Yes, old-school, back in fashion lace. All you need is clear drying all-purpose glue, a bit of lace fabric and a container willing and waiting to be decorated. Our personal favorite: Mason Jar candle holders.

It is as simple as it sounds: Cut your lace to the right size, apply a thin coat of glue and add the two together. Let it dry and TADAH! Add a candle, sit in your garden or balcony and enjoy the patterns the tea-light makes.

Ideas for designs are:
- A rim of lace around the opening of the jar
- A thin lace line at the bottom and around the top
- Use black lace to cover the whole outside of your jar and add a think rough cord around the top
- Paint the jar a bright color before adding the lace.

Decorated Trays

Trays can be used for just about anything, from decorating to serving food and drinks. Most are pretty boring and the pretty ones are expensive. But hey, they are the PERFECT medium for you to go wild and crazy and let out your inner designer.

Collect any flat and regular item, examples may include buttons, coins or bottle caps. You can either spray paint them in your desired color or leave them authentically uneven.

Lay out your objects as desired on your tray. Next, you will need what is called acrylic water, which can be bought in most floral departments. We bought ours at Walmart because it was the cheapest. Follow the instructions on mixing and pour over your decorations. It is self-leveling, so no worries about unevenness.

Now comes the hard part: waiting. Leave it still and untouched for 48 and VOILA, a beautiful and unique tray ready for use.

Chalk Cheese Platter

Have you guests coming or your parents popping by for a visit? No idea what to cook, nervous about deserts or snacks? No problem! We have found a beautifully simple way, of making, for example, a cheese platter extra special.

Get any platter that is smooth. Yes, any. Whether it is a glass sheet from an old photo frame, a tray like above or an old piece of wood, anything works. Clean it well and make sure the surface is smooth. Buy Chalkboard paint, which is inexpensive and easily available. All you have to do is paint your platter, let it dry and serve your food with a chalk-written description next to it. It’s personal, simple and will make anything look more special.