Top Mistakes to Avoid in Your Creative Bathroom Makeover

When it comes to decorating or building a room, of course your need planning. But when it comes to the bathroom, we must pay special attention, since the smallest error can impact our routine every day. Of course you could always choose a professional company such as : to take care of your bathroom remodeling. However if you want to do it yourself you need to take your time to plan. After all it is a place of daily passage, in which we enter and leave, covers our basic needs and serves as a relaxation area too. Therefore we must pay close attention to the mistakes we could make in a bathroom makeover and that way we can avoid them.

Do not leave enough space between toilet and bidet

We must be clear about the space we have available. If the meters are scarce, it is unnecessary to fill it with furniture that in the long run, we will hardly use. All part of good planning. If you really consider that you need a bidet (since it is the only optional element), you must take into account the space it must have with respect to the toilet. It will be useless to place everything if at the moment of its use it is uncomfortable due to lack of space.

Not practical

Some rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, should be practical and functional. It is possible that in other rooms we can play a little more with fashion and trends, but in the case of bathing, it is necessary to prioritize practicality to trends. With this, I do not mean that you do not take into account new materials, furniture designs, taps or trends in screens. Simply visualize the day to day in that room and think how it would be more comfortable since the main function is to achieve harmony and well-being.

Place two sinks instead of one

Surely you have dreamed of those magazine bathrooms in which there are two sinks, a giant mirror, the hidden shower, like the toilet and a space in the middle where you could skate. I regret to inform you that this is only possible in extremely large bathrooms. The biggest mistake we make is to ask for two sinks to be placed, why?

Surely, unless you are the Brady tribe, there is not so much crowd in the bathroom

Do not have enough space for two sinks

Not only is there room for two sinks, but also space for the lower closet and mirror. And most importantly, have enough space for two people to be at the same time. What good would it do to have two sinks if you do not have room for someone to brush their teeth if there is not another person next to dry their hair? Prioritize Less is more.

Do not put closed storage

The storage is indispensable in a bath. A very common mistake is to place shelves open for storage, but of course, not everything that we must keep is aesthetically beautiful. That is why it is important to have some kind of closed furniture to place those less beautiful things and maintain a visual order.

Do not think about ventilation

Error. And the big ones. Many times this topic is overlooked, but we must be aware that water and different temperatures are used throughout the day. If we do not have natural ventilation through a window, we must solve it in some other way (with ducts) to avoid the long-term problem of humidity. Go ahead to possible future problems.

Prioritize the price of quality

The issue of money is always important. But there are times when we do not plan a budget and look at the reform (small or large) thinking individually. That is, we look at the cheapest price of all bathrooms accessories. It is preferable to make a global budget and think in a general way.

That way we can use higher budget items for certain items without looking for the cheapest. It does not mean that we waste, but that we look and compare prices and especially qualities. It will be useless to buy a floor for its low price if it does not resist humidity, water or shock. Sooner or later we will have to change it (and most likely, sooner rather than later). The cheap sometimes (in the long run) is expensive.